Jelisa & Logan - Humber River House

After waking up the other day to my website saying "your renewal is due" I decided to take a longer look at what my site offered, didn't offer and what I wanted to see more of. After some research I found a site that allowed me to build website & blog that was easy to use and cost me half of my previous platform (win win!)

So out of my love for my clients, my passion and my site - I am re-blogging Jelisa & Logans Humber river house wedding from July 22, 2017.

What can I say - These two are the bomb! The moment I walked into the room where the girls were getting ready, I could tell Jelisa's ora was pure. She has the sweetest soul and only those who are lucky enough to know her, would say the same. I wandered down to where Logan & his guys where getting ready to find their little guy was playing games on his tablet. If I didn't have to shoot their wedding, I could have played all day with Leland. Seriously the sweetest kids in the world and to my luck, he LOVED having his photo taken! I think he get's it from his momma! Logan sat, relaxed with his guys sipping a few drinks, not the least bit nervous, and why would he be, he was marrying his best friend! Best feeling EVER!

First impressions of these two (3) - Magic - pure magical love and it makes my heart flutter every time I see their photos. I will forever be grateful to have been given the sweetest opportunity to capture their "best day ever"

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